Interior Designing Division

We provide Interior Design services for corporate, residential, retail, institutional and hospitality sectors that range from strategic, macro scaled planning for the future to the refinement of small details that turn a space from expected to extraordinary. Our designers listen to client requirements, gain inspiration from client dreams, and deliver extraordinary, culturally aligned, and functional spaces that improve user experiences.

We strive to add the personal touches, amenities, and richer experiences that create a more pleasurable space while utilizing our innovative approach to achieve a cost effective solution for you. The studios specialize in planning, architecture and design of upscale hotels, resorts, conference centers and restaurants, corporate offices, showrooms and workplaces. Inspired design drives the process, yet strong business and technological acumen provide the context for every project.

We have the unique ability to provide an integrated approach to architecture and interior design all under one roof. This collaborative approach allows centralized communication, documentation and coordination as part of our personalized service delivery. Great benefits are to be had in creating teams where people have successful past experiences of working together. A collaborative approach of the design team makes this happen.

Our Designs embody the concepts, culture and values represented by our clients and building users. We start with the essential ideas, consider the purpose and function of the space, and design out from that. The result is a space that in its sensible design enables productive life and work, and in its beauty refreshes the human spirit.