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Green Building Methodology is one of the highlights of Fairuz Architects. Our idea behind this concept is to make you experience an all new environment friendly lifestyle. To achieve this goal we have given priority to some nature friendly aspects such as Solar lighting, natural Wind Flow, Organic Gardening and Efficient use of Energy.

These simple but significant aspects can bring revolutionary changes to your day to day living. Some of the great advantages you get through this concept include fresh air, natural light and obviously reducing energy charges. This surely leads you to a healthy living.

Our solar lighting methodology can present you great savings in your energy bills. They are effective at the same time efficient. Natural wind flow and organic gardening are something that make your living eco-friendly. Efficient use of energy is turning out to be a global need and we focus on this technique to deliver a top class living environment for you and your family.

Efficiently Using Energy
NaturalWind flow