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About Us

Founded by AR. Fairuz in 2009 off the west coast of kerala.

A household name in his native town of puthanpalli, fairuz has done plenty of design and construction works while being a student at Coimbatore

However, after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, he began pursuing his lifelong dream of starting his own architecture firm. Fairuz Architecture is the fruit of all that hard work, and the prayers and support of his family and friends alike.

At Fairuz architects, we deliver results far beyond architecture—results you wouldn’t expect from an architectural firm. We’ll give you measurable outcomes that increase traffic, invigorate your people, expand sales, produce new efficiencies, minimize energy costs, magnify visibility, reduce construction expenses, and enhance profitability—just to name a few. That’s what we mean when we promise results beyond architecture.


Delivering Top Notch Professionalism


Assuring brilliant designing and Construction


Building Trust with Uncompromised Quality